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Ride North

Despite a climate that might not always lend itself to riding motorbikes, the North of England is still a good place to be if you’re a biker. We took a moment to take stock of what we have up here and realised that we’re actually pretty lucky. The North is home to some of the best roads, friendliest dealers, busiest bike meets and some real home grown biking talent. With all this going on and so much more we’re yet to discover we thought that a website with a local focus would be a good idea, so in Spring 2016 Ride North was born.


Ride North

Our aim is to create original and engaging content because we know as well as the next rider that we’re living in an age of information overload. That’s why you’ll not find us recycling content you’ve seen countless times before on social media and we’re not doing this to feed our egos, if that was the aim we’d have become Vloggers. Our aim is simple; to create content that we ourselves would want to read and raise awareness of events and happenings that we’d be interested in. If we stick to that idea we shouldn’t go far wrong. Granted, there are slicker websites out there with full time staff, big budgets and the industry contacts needed to pull off the exclusives that we could only dream of but we’re not competing with them. In fact we don’t think we’re competing with anyone as, correct us if we’re wrong, but we don’t know of any other sites like this, certainly in the North East at least.


So what can you find on Ride North? Well, the home page is a constantly scrolling wall of our latest articles and features but if you miss one you can always find them on the archives page or by searching the site. The events section lists events we think are worth a look at and we welcome you to get in touch if you’ve got an event you’d like us to list (no orgies though). We’ve got a page dedicated to bike meets with a map to show you what’s happening and where. Again, if you’d like to have your meet listed we’re happy to do that. In the directory there’s an interactive map that lists local suppliers, dealers, garages and riding schools, all of which should be getting our support. The Routes section features some of the region’s best known roads as well as little known gems. Finally, the photo section contains…well, photos obviously.


As well as the website Ride North is on social media too, I know we might have sounded critical of it earlier but there’s no denying that it’s a good way of interacting with people and posting quick updates and events. So if you like the sound of all this be sure to head to our Facebook Page or Instagram Account and give us a like or a follow.


Croft Circuit TrackdayWe hope you like Ride North. We certainly do and so do our mums who are really proud of what we’ve achieved. If you don’t then perhaps it’s just not for you but if you’ve got some genuine constructive feedback then let us know (not you though Barry, we’re sick of your craic). Also, if you think we’re missing a trick or have a good idea for a feature then get in touch via the contact us page.



In the often needlessly tribal world of biking we hope that Ride North will have something for everyone whatever you ride. Put simply, if riding motorised vehicles of the two wheeled variety puts a smile on your face then there should be something here for you.


Ride North