It’ (wa)s a man’s world

It’ (wa)s a man’s world

Part 2

My very first pillion outing was over, sad times….. So I booked my CBT!!! I wasn’t sure when I would be able to afford lessons but I was bitten by the biking bug and wanted to get out again and I didn’t care on what size of bike it was. I had one problem… I can barely stand still without falling over! I have the worst balance and the more I thought about it the more nervous I became…. I couldn’t even ride a push bike.

Finally the day arrived, I was so anxious I wasn’t even sure if I was looking forward to it. I feel the same with rollercoasters, I wait in a massive queue getting more and more excited until I get to the front and suddenly get super nervous and start picturing things going wrong. They never do but despite knowing this the butterflies still come and that’s exactly how I felt sat waiting for my instructor, almost wishing I could just go home. Obviously looking back now I’m so happy I didn’t. The instructor arrived and began by asking why I was sitting a CBT “I want to get my knee down!” I told him, just after his short speech on how women are far more sensible than men. Obviously I didn’t mean there and then or anytime in the near future but it’s definitely on my to do list!

After the classroomy bit we drove down to the yard where my Honda cb125 was waiting. HOLY SHITBALLS, I actually get to ride this!!!! Just a few minutes in and I could tell it would be a hell of a long time before I got anything “down” on purpose. I like to be good at things, not that anyone ever hopes they’re bad at something but I want to be good straight away and I really wasn’t good at this, I wobbled about so much when all I was doing was pulling away then stopping after a few feet! I couldn’t tell if it was my rubbish balance or my nerves but I had no idea how I was going to be good enough to get out on the roads by the end of the day.

So one very bruised leg (after dropping the bike!), a very near intimate meeting with a wall and a scary few road hours later I was proudly holding my CBT certificate, I had done it! I have no idea how but I had passed, honest to god the smile nearly ripped my face in half! I just couldn’t believe it, I was actually on my way to being a biker, it still seems like a totally mad thought to me but the fun was just beginning…

Words: Sam Carswell